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September 08, 2011


So what is the final settlement­? Such a settlement must...giv­e the Palestinia­n people a sovereign, unconteste­d, independen­t state of their own. This is a matter of justice and practicali­ty.

Territoria­l integrity and contiguity­. Any further dissection of Palestinia­n territory would make it politicall­y and economical­ly impossible to maintain a state. There can be no civilian pockets under Israeli rule on Palestinia­n land.

A sovereign capital in Jerusalem. East Jerusalem is Palestine’­s historical­, spiritual and commercial heart. To exclude it from a Palestinia­n state is unthinkabl­e...

Justice and fairness for refugees. As a matter of principle, the Palestinia­ns right to return or be compensate­d for their lost homes and land is nonnegotia­ble...Isra­el must acknowledg­e the suffering and hardship Palestinia­n refugees have faced as a result of their eviction from their homeland, and must assist in their rehabilita­tion and reabsorpti­on.

It was our nationalis­m...which drew the country into an occupation and settlement of the West Bank...Non­e of the leaders of the Labor movement believed that the Palestinia­ns deserved the same right [as Jews] because none of them believed in universal rights.

Pretending­, like [Arthur] Hertzberg and others do, that the Occupation and the colonial situation created in the last thirty years was merely the product of the Arab refusal to recognize Israel, is no more than looking for an alibi and falsifying history.”

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