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May 05, 2005


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» International Campaign Against Extremism from Joi Ito's Web
Daniel Lubetzky @ One VoiceInternational Campaign Against Extremism After a successful pilot in Chicago with talks at four universities, OneVoice decided to roll out this fall an International Education program. The program aims to counteract polariza... [Read More]

» International Campaign Against Extremeism from Blogula Rasa's Quick Links
See extended entry for the link to the International Campaign Against Extremism. This is a group dedicated to reduce polarization in the Israeli/Palestinian dialogue. Which is a worthy cause, but I really wish for a GLOBAL campaign against ALL forms of... [Read More]

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Earwax may not play a prominent part in human history but at least a small role for it has now been found by a team of Japanese researchers. [Read More]

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Yahoo! My Web 2.0 is an extension of the My Web personal search service. My Web 2.0 lets you save your bookmarks and share your bookmarks with family, friends and colleagues. You can also discover new things by browsing what’s popular or interesting to... [Read More]

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Pushing Back provides up to the minute news on the Drug Czar, his staff, and other national efforts that... [Read More]

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Search at blog directory using our blog search engine tool. ... Blog Name:, About Drugs. Description:, All about all drugs in the world. ... [Read More]

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